'Pride' Corporate Video

Pride video
UTC Aerospace
Our Brief

We were approached by leading aerospace and defence technology company UTC Aerospace Systems to produce a corporate video to help change the culture within the company and in turn make people proud of where they work.

This was a particularly big project, as UTC Aerospace Systems are an internationally renowned company and one of the largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defence service systems in the world.

Our idea for the project – which was based around pride in the company – was scripted by us and involved us filming family members of staff at UTC Aerospace Systems across the world. We were adamant that this video wouldn’t be a safe production where we hear from staff directly.

UTC employs more than 42,000 people worldwide, so as you can imagine this was an exciting commission to work on!

Our Video

We were asked to produce a corporate video which would help install pride in staff across the company – including those at its sites in USA, France, Morocco and the UK - so we felt that speaking to the family members of staff at UTC would be a great way to do this.

By speaking to family members we were able to clearly gauge the pride they had in their husbands, wives, sons and daughters; and this made for a passionate end product which would ensure the employees were proud of the work that they do. After all, everyone should feel valuable at work!

The end product focused on the best practices of the company, thoughts of employees’ family members and also featured UTC’s various sites spanning over different countries.

“The best corporate video I have ever seen”

The corporate video was so well-received that it was even shown at a company conference in Germany; the director of UTC stating that the video was “the best corporate video I have ever seen”.

You can find out more on UTC Aerospace Systems on their website.

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