Video Advertising Project

Post Graduate University Advert
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

The aim of this video advertising project was to show the lifestyle of postgraduate students from the University of Wolverhampton with a high end video to help with their marketing campaigns. This included following the student journey through postgraduate studies, showing the successes in the boardroom and also in their personal life.

Our Video

Our approach to this video advertising piece was to work closely with the university to devise a clear plan. This included storyboarding and creating a detailed Gantt chart to execute the plan. We went through rounds of casting for actors, location sourcing, carrying out recces, sourcing extras, a makeup artist and completing production plans.

Storyboard of the UoW Post Grad Advert

One of the key aspects of the video showing that students from different backgrounds and disciplines are all still part of the same pack. We demonstrated this by having the students all walk out together into the quad area, utilising aerial footage and cutting to our animation of the wolf with the words “Lead the Pack” displayed.

The video production team filmed over several days and various locations. We used drones, C300 cameras and steadicams amongst the plethora of kit for this project. After some time locked away in the editing suite, we could present the first cut of the video to our customer.

Tom, our head of video production said:

Working on this video advertising project with the university allowed us to showcase our years of production experience, from working to secure locations and actors to then scheduling the filming to be as efficient as possible. I am happy with the video that we produced and look forward to working on future videos with the university team.”

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