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Apprentice of the Year
Worcestershire Apprenticeship Hub
Our Brief

We were approached by a regional hub for apprenticeships for a case study video all about a very special award winner!

For this project we were contacted by the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Hub - an initiative which works with young people, parents, and employers to facilitate the growth of apprenticeships and other opportunities for apprentices within the county.

The team at the Hub tasked us with the creation of a case study video about Ben Hyde - the winner of the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award at the 2017 Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards.

Our video was to be shown at the following instalment of the awards evening in 2018, and would highlight how Ben had acquired tangible benefits from his apprenticeship both before and after his triumph!

Our Video

As you can see in our video above, our case study video for this project was built around Ben’s thoughts on his time as an apprentice and the doors the apprenticeship scheme he was on helped open for him.

In our video Ben, who worked as an accountancy apprentice at the Worcester-based housing provider Sanctuary Group, gives an insight into what his role at the organisation entailed, the responsibilities he was given, and how the position had given him valuable experience in the world of work.

We wanted to make Ben’s positive experience really shine through, which is why our video features light tones, upbeat music, and shots at a snooker hall - a place Ben enjoyed spending time at with his work colleagues.

It was great for our video production team to meet Ben and capture his thoughts on camera - it was clear what a positive impact his apprenticeship had had on him!

For more information on the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Hub, visit its website here.

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