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We joined forces with a team from a world class university for a research video regarding some exciting work they are undertaking in the world of transport!

Our Brief

Founded in 1965 as part of a government initiative to expand access to higher education, the University of Warwick is now one of the most famous universities in the country – occupying a place in the Top 10 UK Universities List at the time of writing.

A large part of the university’s success is based upon its research efforts, which aims to contribute to society and improve the lives of people across the world in a number of different fields.

One such field is transport, where the University’s WMG’s HVM Catapult Team have been undertaking research into VLR – Very Light Rail.

VLR aims to reduce the weight and cost of a train by half, in order to provide a cheaper method to connect suburban areas with rural ones by rail, and to make trains more environmentally friendly.

VLR is certainly an intriguing approach to modern rail travel, which is why we were delighted when the HVM Catapult Team got in touch with us regarding the creation of a research video designed to promote their work on this project.

Our Video

Our video – which you can view above – is a two minute effort which sheds light on VLR and its benefits, and includes contributions from those involved in the project, such as Martin Pemberton (MD of TDI Europe) and Neil Tinworth (Director of Research & Product Development at Unipart Rail).

Alongside these contributions, our video also features a professional voice-over, backing music, and text.

Our Client’s Thoughts

Our video was greeted with a positive reaction, with Hannah Dodd from the University’s WMG’s Heavy Catapult Team saying: “It was a pleasure working with the Stone’s Throw team, and they were enthusiastic and professional throughout.”

“This shone through in the finished product – a polished and professional-looking video that has helped us to communicate our research outputs to a much wider audience.”

Our Details

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