Welcome Video

Welcome Video
MSC Industrial Supply Co.
Our Brief

MSC wanted to create a welcome video for new members of staff. The aim of the welcome video was to show the working culture at MSC and how staff will be supported throughout their professional journey.

MSC is a leader in the supply of metalworking and maintenance, repair and operations products and services.

The video would be shown to new recruits and settle them in by showing them the positive environment at MSC.

Our Video

Introducing yourself to new members of your organisation is the best way to humanise yourself and make them feel welcome when joining.

We’ve all had the first day nerves when starting a new job; what to expect, will everyone be nice, have I left my lunch at home? You know how it goes.

MSC wanted to settle these nerves with a video that shows how nice it is to work there, hearing from their existing staff.

We filmed interviews with members of staff from all across the organisation, focussing on what they liked about working for MSC.

To maintain an informal and relaxing tone in the welcome video, we included parts of the interview with the interviewees being slightly more human; having a chuckle and things like that.

After welcoming their new members, the IQ wanted to explain the CPD requirements of members, who each have 30 mandatory hours every year to complete.

Clips were shown from the office, as well as the warehouse, to give viewers a greater understanding of the width of the organisation and increase the family feel.

Real life stories were used from the employees to add weight to the interviews, rather than simple text on the website that anyone could’ve written.

Tom, our head of video, said

“It was interesting to work on this project, hearing the inspiring stories from the employees to put together into a punchy welcome video. We got to film all morning with employees from different factions of the business”

Do you need a welcome video for your organisation? Would you like an easy way to say hello to new starters? Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to help you. Why not get in touch today through our contact page?

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