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We teamed up with a strand of the national ‘Headstart’ initiative for a day of filming at a primary school in Wolverhampton.

‘HeadStart’ is a lottery funded programme based in 12 separate areas across England – one of which is Wolverhampton.

It strives to aid students with their resilience for the times when life can get a little tough – for example, when faced with the pressure of exams, bullying, or when experiencing problems within the family home.

We were contacted by the Wolverhampton strand of the initiative – ‘HeadStart Wolverhampton’ – to see if we could conduct some filming of the team at work, and create a promotional video for them using the footage from the day.

We were happy to help, so we travelled to Long Knowle Primary School, in Wolverhampton, to get involved with the project.

One of the aims of ‘HeadStart Wolverhampton’ is to give students the opportunity to experience digital media activities, such as radio broadcasting, film making, song writing, and app making.

This experience gives the students insight, and confidence, in skills which are becoming more prevalent in school curriculums in this digital age.

Each activity the students tackled placed them into teams, where they were required to work together to complete the challenges set for them.

We created a separate video for each media activity they got stuck into, highlighting the various facilities and expertise they benefited from in the process, and then a montage video to finish.

You can see our montage video above, which includes a few scenes of the students teaming up with yours truly for the film making activities!

For more on ‘HeadStart Wolverhampton’ and the fantastic work they do, visit their website at: http://www.headstart.fm/

We’d like to thank everyone at Long Knowle for their hospitality, and particularly their students who made our filming on the day such a breeze!

Enjoyed our video, and interested in teaming up with us for some filming of your own? We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line right here!

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