Compton Care Christmas Charity Video

Christmas Charity Video
Compton Care
Our Brief

Raise awareness of Compton Care’s services, tell a story via a poem, and gain some donations from the public/supporters.

Compton Care provides high quality, accessible care and support for the people in local communities living with life limiting conditions.

Compton Care, a longtime customer of ours, wanted to put a fundraising charity video together, which told the story of Christmas at Compton. In doing this, they would raise awareness of their services and hopefully raise the amount of donations they receive, as a big part of their funding is from donations.

Compton wanted to remind people of the true meaning of Christmas, away from the festive materialism. They asked supporters how they were going to make Christmas 2021 matter and what they would do if it was their last Christmas.

Emma Purshouse, Poet Laureate for the City of Wolverhampton, wrote a poem based on the responses of staff and patients. Our video would use this poem as the central point of focus.

Our Video

The problem that Compton Care faced was that Christmas can signal a time of focus on material possessions, away from the true meaning of the festive period.

The impact of this for them is that places such as theirs can unfortunately go to the back of people’s minds and patients can go forgotten.

Compton could potentially lose out on donations, focus and Christmas spirit!

The central point of the charity video was the poem written by Emma Purshouse, which she performed to camera.

Cutaways would show visual reconstructions of the responses she mentions in the poem. These included both internal and external shots, staff at work, patients in bed and people walking in nature.

We used actors for the patient shots, in order for us to offer absolutely no intrusion. Who wants Mike stumbling up to their bedroom with a camera in tow? (Please don’t answer this).

It was a moment of pride for us to be involved with a campaign like this and it was incredibly satisfying that Compton Care were happy with the end result, using it as the centrepiece of their Christmas content.

Mike said on the project

For this year's Christmas Compton charity video, it was a pleasure to work with a talented poet. Emma was able to capture the spirit of Christmas whilst staying true to Compton's message. We also had fun filming some extra shots with some of Compton's staff on the ward. Every time we film with the staff they pretend they don't want to be in the video then we can't get them to stop, I think they secretly love it. In addition to that, we filmed a scene using actors to give the video a little more context of what Compton does for its service users.”

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