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Financial Abuse Campaign - Drawn Animation
Bromford Housing
Our Brief

We were delighted to be approached by our friends at Bromford Housing who asked us to create a bespoke drawn animation for them.

Bromford pride themselves on being much more than just a housing provider, seeing themselves as a social enterprise who help their clients be the best that they can be.

It is with this in mind that Bromford launched their new campaign – a project which highlights the issue of financial abuse.

Our Video

Our video, which was to accompany the launch of this scheme, was a drawn animation which put emphasis on two specific areas– what financial abuse is, and who it affects.

It is perhaps tempting to assume that any form of abuse only affects the elderly, so a key part of our video was highlighting the fact that this is not the case – a “vulnerable adult” can be anyone 18 years old or over, particularly those who may have mental health illnesses or be in need of community care services due to disability.

Through our drawn animation and with a little help from the professional voiceover, we then examined what constitutes “financial abuse”. It’s an umbrella term, so we took time to provide some specific examples – such as directly stealing from someone, defrauding them, or befriending a vulnerable individual solely for personal gain.

Our animation concluded with the hashtag that Bromford launched to go along with their scheme - #dontdonothing – to encourage people to never stand by and watch financial abuse taking place.

We always enjoy working with Bromford, but particularly so when helping them to tackle important issues such as this one. We’re really proud to join with them in highlighting this issue, and we hope that their campaign benefitted from our contribution.

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