Home Page Animation

Home Page Animation
Closers Club
Our Brief

We joined forces with a professional sales company for a home page animation all about what it does and who it can help!

Based in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham, Closers Club is an organisation which works with those offering a “high ticket” product or service (something which costs $2,500 or more) to help them turn their leads into sales.

Highly trained experts in closing sales, the team at Closers Club work with digital marketers and influencers, business coaches and consultants, and B2B organisations, to enable them to “seal the deal” on sales with no upfront costs.

To help the company promote its services to an external audience, we teamed up with Closers Club for an animation designed for its website’s home page!

Our Video

We believe that animation is the perfect medium to use when working with our clients to help them explain their offerings, which is why for this project we created the effort you can watch above – a 90 second animation equipped with an American voice-over.

Our animation clarifies what Closers Club provides for its clients, the specific market the company works in, and how its team offers its services with payment based purely on performance and results.


Our home page animation was met with a positive reception from our client, with Rarjan Dulai, the Director of Closers Club, stating that it was:

“Very valuable as it will attract clients to us”

Our thanks to Rarjan and the rest of the team at Closers Club for working with us on this project.

To find out more about the organisation – and to watch our effort again on its home page(!) – visit the Closers Club website here.

Do you think your company’s website could do with a home page animation to help promote its services in an informative and visually stimulating way?

If so, you can see that we can help!

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