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University of Wolverhampton


Drawing Timelapse

Filmed for the University of Wolverhampton, we’re proud of how this drawing timelapse has turned out. We developed a script and storyboarded our ideas, which were received very well.

We were given so much freedom on this project to develop ideas that were not “safe” and “usual”, but we continued to work closely with our client to ensure that the message is clear.

The end product does exactly what they hoped it would do and has been used on the university website as well as being shown to students & staff at seminars.

The drawings have been sped up more than 1000 times and every last detail has been given the attention it deserves (we wouldn’t have it any other way!).

We also did this in one continuous take, which meant some rather sweaty palms and anxious faces during production.

Why not contact us to see if a drawing timelapse video could help your organisation in the same ways that the University of Wolverhampton have benefitted from.

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