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How to Help Compton Hospice Whiteboard Animation

We teamed up with a Wolverhampton based hospice for a whiteboard animation concerning how you can help them!

Our Brief

Officially opened by the Duchess of Kent in November 1982, Compton Hospice has been providing nationally-renowned care to patients across the Black Country for 35 years now.

Based in Wolverhampton, the Hospice provides a range of services including…

• In-patient care
• Day care
• Home care nursing
• Medical outpatient care (and home visits)

• Physiotherapy
• Lymphoedema treatment
• Bereavement support

…and more, all of which are available free-of-charge to a catchment area of 1.3 million people.

It takes over £6m every year for Compton Hospice to provide these services free of charge to patients, so naturally the area of fundraising is of vital importance.

This is why the team at Compton got in touch with us to ask if we could create a whiteboard animation for them showcasing the many ways members of the community can help them to continue providing these fantastic services.

Our Video

Our two minute animation – which you can view above – lists the various ways fundraisers can raise money for the Hospice, how the team at Compton can help these fundraisers with their endeavours, and the volunteering opportunities available for anyone aged 16 or older at its base.

We also took time to highlight the role of Compton’s shops located across the region, which raise over £1m each year for the Hospice to invest in patient care.

Our whiteboard animation was a bespoke creation, drawn by hand, and was equipped with a professional voice-over too.

For even more on how you can help the Hospice, visit https://www.compton-hospice.org.uk/fundraising/

Our Details

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If so, please do drop us a line today, or, if you prefer, why not ask us for a quote below?

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