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Melanoma Focus
Our Brief

Melanoma Focus is a national charity dedicated to providing a comprehensive and authoritative source of information for public and professionals alike, as well as supporting education and promoting research about melanoma.

Melanoma Focus approached looking for a way to explain the process of a Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy.

They also wanted a way to show what happens on the day of the operation, talk about the potential risks and prepare people as best as possible.

Whiteboard Animation

Melanoma can be a scary thing and Melanoma Focus wanted people to have as much information as possible to ease anxiety and to educate.

Melanoma Focus tasked us with creating two whiteboard animations; one to explain the process of a Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy and the other to show what happens on the day of an operation.

The problem Melanoma Focus faced was that they had a huge amount of information, but no simple and eye catching way to convey it. This is where we came in!

Without whiteboard animations like these, they would have to rely on more traditional ways to explain the processes. Still images and text are nowhere near as engaging or succinct as a video or animation. Filming it poses privacy problems at a difficult time for a patient so it was felt that an animation would really help to get around this.

Because the information is intended for professionals and the public, finding a way to share it in a language that both parties can understand required a fair amount of input from Melanoma Focus.

Once the script was signed off and ready, the storyboards were prepared to give Melanoma Focus a clear visual of what the whiteboard animation would look like.

It’s fair to say we aren’t the brightest bulb in B&Q when it comes to medical knowledge, so regular check ins and feedback were an important element of this whiteboard animation project.

The videos will be used on the Melanoma Focus website.

Jamie, our head of animation, said

“I had never heard of Melanoma before this project came to us so it’s always super interesting to learn about a subject before you dive into designing it. Thankfully, our client was incredibly generous with information and material to work from for planning this animation and joined us in helping every step of the way. Having a client who is excited for progress keeps the morale up! From a design angle, the most important thing was to keep the image clean and focused as possible due to the important subject matter so we didn’t want to stuff the visuals. Instead we had to make sure that clarity was at the forefront.”

Do you need a whiteboard animation for your organisation? Do you need an engaging way to share a lot of information? Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to help you. Why not get in touch today through our contact page?

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