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Whiteboard Animation
Our Brief

Novus wanted to create a whiteboard animation that would be played at a conference in June 2022. The animation needed to explain how Novus can provide a service for local housing companies & councils.

Novus is an award-winning property maintenance company with a very clear mission: to deliver a safe workforce that provides quality service, commitment and sustainability to communities throughout the UK.

Whiteboard animation is a style of animation that looks like the content is being drawn on a whiteboard.

Our Video

Decarbonisation is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of low carbon power sources, resulting in the release of less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Novus were offering a seven step service to local housing companies and councils that would allow them to use decarbonisation.

As a new service that would require a lot of explanation to people around the conference, a whiteboard animation would mean that a lot of time would be saved and it could be explained in the most succinct way possible.

Each stage of the service needed to be outlined in the whiteboard animation, with clear visuals to a) make it clear what was involved in the stage and b) make the information easier to retain.

If you’re anything like us, you would’ve needed to do some extensive Google searches on what decarbonisation is, so a key element in this project was simplicity; something whiteboard animations are ideal for.

Although it needed to be simple, it did need to retain professionalism and have a ‘corporate’ look.

Ultimately, Novus wanted people to sign up to the scheme, so a clear screen at the end of the whiteboard animation encouraging people to speak to a member of their team was also an essential feature.

Jamie, who led the project, said

“Novus was a project that could have gone a bit crazy very quickly if we didn’t find out that it was supposed to be in square format from the very beginning! It was a great example of finding out the full specifications of a project at the start being beneficial and we learned it was also to be played on a panel screen at an event rather than a TV or monitor so we had to take some extra care into the colour control so that it wasn’t too bright or high in contrast in comparison to the lights in the event. We practised some new tricks for the whiteboard animation too and I think it paid off very well!”

Do you need a whiteboard animation for your organisation? Maybe you have a lot of information you need to get across in a simple way. Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to help you. Why not get in touch today through our contact page?

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