University Video Production

They’re more popular with young people now than ever before, but the concept of university goes back to the Middle Ages.

It’s debatable what the world’s oldest university actually is, but it’s generally accepted that the first university in Europe was founded in Bologna, Italy, in 1088 – with the word “university” itself coming from the Latin for “community of teachers and scholars”.

Universities have come a long way since the 11th century. Now, they are world renowned institutions catering for students based locally and across the globe, conduct world-leading research, and in some instances generate income in the hundreds of millions.

With a need to fill places on their courses every year, universities have in recent times turned to digital marketing to help them in their endeavours, with video production playing a key part in this approach.

We might be biased, but we believe that video production is a key ingredient in helping universities grow – whatever their specialities, whatever their size, wherever their location.

In this respect, we love working with universities to help them with this growth!

Since our formation in 2011, we’ve been privileged enough to create video productions for universities such as…

…with our work with the University of Wolverhampton leading us to become an official supplier of video production to the institution.


We’ve created videos for these universities utilising a wide range of techniques at our disposal, such as 360 video, 2D animation, hyperlapse, rotoscope animation, motion graphics, and typography.

We’ve assisted them in promoting their courses, employability rates, and clearing campaigns, increasing their student recruitment numbers and their business engagement rates, showcasing their facilities, and highlighting initiatives they run.

A selection of some of these projects can be seen in our bespoke showreel located above.

So, if you’re from a university and looking for a video production from a company with a strong reputation in this area, we know we can help.

Fill out the form on our Contact Page or e-mail us at info@stmedia.co.uk for a video production of your own!



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