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Safety Video

We were approached by a contractor within the built environment sector for a health and safety video concerning conduct on its sites.


Based in Walsall but with additional bases in Birmingham, London, and South Brent in Devon, Shaylor Group is one of the most respected construction contractors in the UK today.

A family owned company, it designs, constructs, and maintains the built environment, striving to “improve and build a positive sustainable future” in the process.

Shaylor Group approached us regarding the creation of a site induction video, ensuring the health and safety of any visitors or subcontractors stepping foot onto any of its worksites.


Our video – which you can see above – is a fairly lengthy one by our standards, coming in at over 10 minutes long.

On this particular occasion however this length of time was needed due to the amount of information we were asked to present! Our safety video includes rules and regulations such as…

• Hot works permits must be obtained in advance of visiting a Shaylor Group site
• All power tools must operate at 110 volts or less
• Any COSHH assessments must be reviewed by site management

…with these (and other rules) brought to life with typography, motion graphics, and a bespoke professional voice-over.

We’d like to thank Shaylor Group for approaching us regarding the creation of this video and hope that it serves them very well in the future!


Like our safety video, and think your organisation could do with one of its own (or more!) to highlight any rules or regulations at your work sites?

If so, we are sure we can help!

Please do drop us a line today – our contact details are right here, or, if you prefer, why not ask us for a quote right away?


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