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We teamed up with the University of Wolverhampton for two case study videos regarding a programme it’s running for those looking to learn whilst they earn!


The Higher Level Apprenticeships (HLA) initiative has been created as part of the University’s Apprenticeship Hub service – a service which aims to develop professional and technical skills and bring economic benefits to the region.

Providing a platform for industry practitioners to enhance their professional development, the initiative allows those enrolled on it to transfer their knowledge gained from the workplace into higher education qualifications.

One such course offered on the HLA programme is that of Construction Management, for those currently working in the built environment sector.

The University approached us regarding the creation of a pair of case study videos (and one overview video) focusing on two individuals who were on this course at the time of filming – Rowenna Valintine from Wates Living Space, and Andy Nicholls from Wolverhampton Homes.


In our case study videos – which you can view below – we join Rowenna and Andy as they tell the viewer a little bit about themselves, the Construction Management course, and the benefits they (and their employers) have experienced from enrolling onto it.


For this project we also created an overview video, which you can see above, in which senior figures from the University discuss the HLA programme and how it fits into the institution’s ethos regarding vocational education.


Like our brace of case study videos, and think your organisation could do with some of its own to promote work it has undertaken or schemes it has launched?

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