ASK@WLV Animation

ASK@WLV Animation
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

The University of Wolverhampton wanted an animation to provide a brief introduction to the ASK@WLV student service and signpost people to finding out more information. The animation will be aimed at current students but also staff that will be sharing it during lectures, open days, E:vision etc.

ASK@WLV is the first point of contact for all student queries and helps students with accessing wellbeing support services, completing enrolment and module registration, and understanding the rules and regulations involved in courses.

ASK@WLV Animation

The University wanted to create an animation that could be easily distributed among students and included on the ASK@WLV webpage.

The issue that the University was facing was that they needed a succinct and eye catching way to share information with students. Previous ways that the information had been shared included leaflets and posters.

An animation stands the test of time and it’s a simple case of sending out a link.

The impact of using more traditional methods of communication is that over time, it will actually cost more money than something that can be used year on year and sent out for free via email.

As well as money, an animation saves time and provides a guaranteed way for the information to arrive in students’ inboxes.

University staff can also share the information during lectures and show it to prospective students on open days. Animation is like a colourful and visually appealing Swiss Army Knife, the ultimate multi tool.

The information included in the video needed to be made as clear as possible through the visual element of the animation, as well as being led by the voiceover.

A friendly, simple tone was essential to the video, so that ASK@WLV could be humanised and be as appealing as they need to be to let students know they’re there to help.

Jamie, who led the project, said

“Ask@WLV was an opportunity to work alongside the student side of the university, with feedback, comments and the learning culture in mind. We had active help in making sure the message, flow and colours used fully represented Ask and its importance in helping University life. For the concept we took a nice clean approach that acted quite neutral and then applied their colour schemes afterwards to arrive at the design we have now”

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