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Kinetic typography animation – what on earth does that mean? Well, simply put, is the technical term for “moving text”, and is an animation technique combining text and movement to convey the creator’s thoughts in a visually stimulating way.

Kinetic typography is, we believe, an underrated way to make text convey a sense of expression – which is perhaps why the technique has been widely used in television adverts and online videos in recent years, and in films over the past 60 years.

Typography animations can come in all shapes and forms, and can be even more effective when furnished with a professional voice-over and/or music. This effect provides audiences with a sight and sound combination which can prove really effective.


According to Edgar Dale, people remember:

10 percent of what they READ
20 percent of what they HEAR
30 percent of what they SEE
50 percent of what they SEE and HEAR

In other words, when you’re tapping into all of these senses combined, it can make kinetic typography videos an attractive proposition. You’re getting right into the brains of your audience. If smell-o-vision had been invented, then who knows what the stats would be!

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Kinetic Typography Animation examples

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If not, check out the other types of animation we offer that could benefit your organisation!


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