Work Experience


Due to COVID-19 we have currently suspended all work experience placements for the foreseeable future.

If the answer is “Yes!” Then you’ve come to the right place! 😁

We run a 3-day work experience offering with two different flavours: Animation or Video!

In Animation, you’ll be tasked with drawing up a storyboard, designing and creating a piece of animation using industry-standard software. Make sure you bring your creative fingers!

In Video, you’ll be tasked with creating an edit in Final Cut Pro, compositing in After Effects and using our Canon cameras to film and edit a small promotional video.

So are you from school, college or even university? Drop us a line at workexperience@stmedia.co.uk, and let’s get talking. Better hurry, we have limited spaces! 😊

Here at Stone’s Throw Media, we know that young people are the future, which is why we’re delighted to offer work experience placements for school students!

However, we do have some finer details for you to take into consideration before we continue; 

If you are at University level; whilst applying we fully expect you to be able to show a portfolio / showreel / or evidence of work within video and animation in some way.

If you are at College level; whilst applying we expect to be able to see some form of evidence related to video and animation, whether it be personal projects or module related ones. 

If you are at school level; don’t worry, we understand that you might not of had much chance to dive into these fields yet but we’d like to hear from you directly!

Tell us why you want to apply and what it means to you and if you do have stuff to share, then that’s great. Just don’t let your guardian do it for you! Also, information on dates will be useful to know to see if we can accommodate your request. Any basic queries that lack any of kind of information or effort will be rejected.

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