Our Story
The people behind the camera lens


Why does Stone’s Throw Media exist? We set up our very own video production and animation company to create more opportunities right here in the Midlands for local talented people, young people and the companies we help. We were always frustrated that all of the opportunities seemed to be in the capital and we didn’t want to move to London on low salaries and to live in very expensive accommodation! 

A big focus here is making awesome videos (Keep things simple, fun and avoid boring)

We are not yes men/women – we give you what you need not what you want

Friendly Approach – real people, not pushy, easy to deal with, no suits, in-house team

Customer Success – not just lip service we really measure it

Humble Beginnings

We started off by making hundreds of video production projects together between 2008-2011 after meeting at the University of Wolverhampton. This included videos to help the Students’ Union on a variety of topics to help students go on the right path, videos for our course (sometimes..!) and videos for a project to help raise awareness of the cultural aspects of the 2012 Olympics. The video content that we produced was all about helping people and making content that was colourful, energetic and engaging. We’d seen too many videos that played it really safe and frankly sent us to sleep! 

In the summer of 2011 we were requested by a faculty at the University of Wolverhampton to create our first ever batch of commissioned videos. This was great but we had a HUGE problem. 

We didn’t own any equipment to shoot these videos on! We’d built up a reputation of being ‘the video guys’ yet for a commissioned piece of work we didn’t even have any budget to invest in hiring equipment. We were still students living off of a shoestring budget and baked beans on toast. So we had a word with our lecturer who managed to get us access to hire camera equipment but crucially without having to pay. We’ve told the real truth to the vice-chancellor of the university since, don’t worry! 

This was the beginning of our incredible journey at Stone’s Throw Media.


Our in house team has vast experience yet we never ever stop learning and developing. We believe in giving our clients what they need and not what they think they may want.

We’re big enough to handle large projects but small enough to care.

  • matt
    Head Honcho of Video
    'Full of Peep Show quotes'
  • mike
    Chief Biscuit Dunker
    'Ice skating extraordinaire'
  • jamie
    Professional Doodler
    'Eats too many noodles'
  • tom
    Video Guru
    'Always eating biscuits'
  • Oliver Dutton
    The Organiser
    'Supports the Wolves'
  • Preeti Johal
    Animation Assassin
    'Wants a pet Snow Leopard'
  • Phil-Web
    Content Cutter
  • Rick-Web
  • Sarah
    Graphical Genius
  • Kettle Purple
    Professional Boiler
    Hello, Is it tea. you're looking for?


Goldman Sachs Alumni
Express and Star Small Business of the Year 2022
Midlands Marketing Awards 2023
Express & Star Business Awards 2018
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