Customer Experience Animation

Customer Experience Animation
Briggs Equipment
Our Brief

Briggs wanted to create an animation that focused on customer experience and the process around customer concerns. It needed to be up to 60 secs and not instructional. Briggs already had existing ideas, so we worked with them to develop these and bring it across into an animation.

Briggs Equipment is the exclusive national distributor in the UK for the Hyster and Yale ranges of forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment. The Briggs Equipment Group has grown significantly in recent years through the addition of businesses that compliment their customer activities.

Our Video

Briggs approached us with the idea of an animation that instructed staff on best practices within customer experience and how best to deal with any customer concerns.

Briggs works with businesses of all sizes across a number of industries, so a collaborative approach to the business relationship is central to Briggs’ mission.

In 2021, Briggs launched an initiative to improve customer experience with implementation of their customer experience specialist team. The team is focused on taking proactive measures to provide faster solutions to customers and use their experience to help us shape our service moving forward.

The animation we were tasked with would show staff best practices for customer experience in an engaging, simple way.

The animation we created would simplify the process of explaining the customer experience to employees across Briggs, as well as saving time by going through the same old presentation time and time again! (We’ve all been there!)

Briggs had existing ideas, so it was more of a case of expanding upon these and developing them creatively.

The main element included in the video were the minion characters! One was a bad minion that signified the lows, with a load of good minions to signify the highs of the Briggs customer experience!

It was key to mention the three elements of delivering a positive customer experience; success, effort and emotion.

Jamie, our head of animation, said

“We got to make our own minions! Well, kind of, we were asked to make something like Minions, the appeal of them to sell an internal message across the company but with the lovable (or punchable) face of the critters to add some light on the subject matter. The animation process itself was simple enough as it was an easy brief to complete but the best part was designing the Minion characters. From the look and feel, to the colour palette and making them on brand.”

Do you need an animation for your organisation? Maybe you have a lot of information you need to get across in a simple way. Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to help you. Why not get in touch today through our contact page?

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