easyGroup History Animated Video

Company History Animated Video
Our Brief

easyGroup wanted to tell the story behind the history of the easy family of brands and hold the viewer's attention in an animated video.

Having watched it the viewer should:

(a) be aware that it was easy from the start (1994) and that Stelios set out from day one to create a family of brands starting with easy followed by another word, not just easyJet

(b) learn that Stelios still owns the easy family of brands and it now covers a wide variety of different sectors with different partner companies and that it is international

(c) appreciate that the easy family continues to expand (it has a future as well as a past)

easy wanted to create an animated video that looked like a memory book being opened. The book would be real, which we would film and then animate various easy related themes on top.

The book’s cover needed to be easyGroup branded.

Our Video

An exciting animated video project to take on board, a few members of the team had to hide our level of being starstruck after ITV hit show ‘Airline’.

Luckily, we’re a professional bunch and after a few hand quivers got on with the job.

easyGroup’s most well known subsidiary is probably easyJet, but they have over 100 sub brands, so getting all of these into one animation was a daunting prospect to begin with.

We were given exclusive access to the easyGroup and BBC archives to get old footage. Before you ask, yes we did look for never released episodes of Dick ‘n’ Dom in Da Bungalow, but no, they don’t exist.

Sir Stelios and Tony also wanted to use contemporary ‘90s music to make the animation more authentic, but there were rights issues to consider and it turns out Oasis aren’t cheap! As you read this now, the issue was resolved eventually and the main version that lives on the easy history page has a full soundtrack.

Meeting the brief of a scrapbook style video meant that we had to try and hit people with a big dose of nostalgia.

With this in mind, images and video told the story while the music set the tone.

The video starts with the book opening, then images start to appear on the page, as if by magic. We then guide the viewer through the history of the easyGroup Family.

It was a really exciting project to work on, with weekly check-ins with Tony and Sir Stelios a key part to the success of the animated video.

Tony had this to say on how he thought it went:

Working closely with Jamie throughout the project, Mike said

“It was really exciting to work with Stelios and the crew at easyGroup. As kids, Matt and I used to watch Airline and now we get to work with the man himself. It was also interesting to see the journey easy have been on and now that I’m older I really appreciate the boldness of easyJet. Sadly we didn’t get any free flights abroad, but maybe next time”

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