Nutec Spray Foam Insulation Explainer Video

Explainer Video
Nutec Spray Foam Insulation
Our Brief

To create an explainer video for the Nutec sales team to use across YouTube, presentations and the Nutec website. The video will explain how Nutec use spray foam insulation and how it can help increase energy efficiency, targeting homeowners mainly and potentially home builders.

Nutec Glass are a company known for household glass solutions that are designed to improve energy efficiency. Nutec Spray Foam Insulations is the sister company of Nutec Glass and the two companies specialise in the supply and installation of new windows, doors, conservatories, and spray foam insulation.

To display the benefits of the spray foam insulation, Nutec wanted an explainer video which would also advertise their service.

The loft is where most of the heat in the house is lost, so Mike and Tom were required to squeeze into the loft alongside a poor unsuspecting installer to film the process over a day.

Nutec work with the customer to create a perfect glass solution for the home. They routinely manage both the repair and replacement of windows, doors and other features and aim to deliver to a standard that leaves the customer proud to arrive home every day.

Explainer Video

The problem that Nutec faced was that there was a lack of awareness around the fact that they offered this service, as well as there not being much information around about the procedure itself and the benefits of it.

The impact of this is that ultimately people can’t invest in something that they don’t know exists, or if they do know it exists, not fully understand why they should part with their hard earned money.

Nutec could potentially lose out on business opportunities and the expansion (foam, expansion, anyone?) of the Nutec Spray Foam Insulation service.

The explainer video required both animation and video elements, so the script was important to get signed off as soon as possible and establish whether video or animation would be used on each section of the video.

We filmed a spray foam application at a house to be able to demonstrate how little disruption it causes for the homeowner and educate viewers on the process itself. Although it looks slightly messy in action, a screen displaying the 25 year product warranty shows the tidy end product.

The 2d animated section of the video gave a visual demonstration of how warm air escapes through the roof of houses that haven’t used spray foam and how the foam prevents it in future.

As you might suspect, filming moving air with brick walls in the way can be a fairly challenging process, so the animated elements were vital to showing how the air flow in the house can be positively affected by the installation of the foam.

Nutec embedded the explainer video on their homepage and were happy with the final product.

Jamie, our head of animation, said on the project

“The customer had a clear idea of what they wanted to promote and how they wanted to show it in the explainer video, so we got to go ahead pretty quickly with their involvement along the way. It’s always a nice change to apply animation to video footage of their craft. Also following a specific design spec in the visuals is a test for us to work a different way than we usually do.”

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