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Institute of Quarrying
Our Brief

The Institute of Quarrying wanted to engage with new members with welcome eshot messages via animation.

For over 100 years the Institute of Quarrying has been supporting people working in the mineral extraction industry.

We were tasked with creating three different animation videos; one to welcome new members, one to talk about the CPD requirements of members and one to talk about the Institute of Quarrying app.

Our Video

Introducing yourself to new members of your organisation is the best way to humanise yourself and make them feel welcome when joining.

There’s no better way than a firm handshake, or a hug if you’re hippies, but doing that for a lot of people all over the world, every time someone joins, is pretty unrealistic.

So the second best way is a friendly animation explaining each facet of the organisation’s purpose.

After welcoming their new members, the IQ wanted to explain the CPD requirements of members, who each have 30 mandatory hours every year to complete.

The voiceover that was used was Debbie, the membership officer for the Institute. This gave it a human touch and personalised to the Institute.

Another of the videos showed off the IQ app, which allows people to log their CPD and connect with other members.

IoQ branches organise many events throughout the year to bring people together at a local level to share knowledge and help members to grow their professional networks, which is all available to see through the app.

As well as advising on how to access and record CPD, IQ also provides members with plenty of valuable CPD and networking opportunities.

There are also factsheets, webinars and films free to access on a range of relevant industry topics as well as local and national events that as a member, can be easily accessed through the IQ app.

Jamie, our head of animation, said

“We got to work on a selection of welcome animations for new starters at the company, hitting some topics that would be beneficial for them. We had to match a previous style video we had made but including some caricatures of the team so this was a cool challenge. The topics themselves were fairly simple in message but working with the team directly from recording their voice to getting input on how they look on screen is always a fun one!”

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