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Whiteboard Animation
RBW Electric Vehicles
Our Brief

RBW Electric Vehicles came to us wanting to find a succinct way to attract investors to a patented and fully scalable solution for the Classic Cars industry; making them fully electric. The goal was to allow investors to see

- Green credentials - CO2 saving, solution for e10 fuels

- The size of the opportunity

- The partnerships in place for scalability

- How the system works (not massive detail; just so they get an understanding and feel excitement).

RBW Electric Cars essentially turns classic cars into electric, environmentally friendly vehicles. Imagine an eco warrior James Bond. In fact, it’s probably something Q would be proud of.

RBW were looking for an explainer whiteboard animation, in order to simplify the process of explaining assembly of the electric cars.

Whiteboard Animation

The problem that Peter Swain (the boss) had with RBW was that he was having to physically draw the process on a whiteboard for potential investors, which was awkward, time consuming and potentially led to some dodgy drawings (sorry Peter).

The aim of showing the engineering process to potential investors is to create an initial level of excitement and provide a level of understanding.

Most countries have committed to banning internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035, so electric vehicles are the future. The size of the electric vehicle market By having this in a whiteboard animation, it gets the information across in a succinct and memorable way.

The whiteboard animation we were tasked with would simplify the sales process, save the monotony of drawing out the same engineering procedure time and time again and provide potential investors with a distinctive set of information.

The project began with Peter joining us in the office to explain the process to us, for us to get the same level of understanding that a potential investor would.

There were lots of elements to include in the video; whiteboard animation, 3D elements and real video were all part of it, so it was a project that kept the animation team on their toes, but was a fulfilling one to be involved with.

Jamie, our head of animation, said

“RBW has been one of the bigger challenges we have faced. A combination of 3D, whiteboard animation and video mixtures all needed to fulfil the vision to sell to investors and beyond. To help push a company from local to potentially global. This one required several team members to be involved with the artwork, edits and 3D creation all happening, whilst managing changes as they rolled in. The client was very supportive too which helped ease any tension and as a bonus, I even got to drive a classic car for research. Or to show off.”

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