20 Day Competition Animation

20 Day Giveaway Competition Animation
Student Roost
Our Brief

To get as many student email addresses as possible in key areas that Student Roost has accommodation.

Student Roost wanted to gather as many email addresses as they could from students for marketing purposes. They wanted to do this in key areas in which they have accommodation, because they could then use the email addresses gathered to send out marketing campaigns.

And what better way to do this than with free stuff? Free stuff that included a Macbook Pro, a bike and, arguably, best of all, a massive chocolate hamper. The chance to win said free stuff was by entry into their 20 Day Giveaway competition. This was open only to students that would last (you guessed it) 20 days throughout October to make an exciting start to the year.

We were to help Student Roost achieve this by creating a roughly 30 second competition animation that acted as a teaser for the 20 day giveaway. The animation would include elements like how to enter and direct entrants to the landing page where further instructions for entry are. It needed to be energetic, bright, loud and colourful.

Student Roost is an award-winning student accommodation provider with properties across the UK. Their aim is to provide the very best experience for students to make the most of student living. They’re in great locations, with well designed facilities and a personal level of service.

Our Video

Given our previous relationship with Student Roost, on projects such as this one and this one, we were looking forward to getting an exciting project underway, despite the fact that we weren't eligible to win any of the free stuff. Not bitter at all.

The problem that Student Roost faced with not gathering student emails was that there would be a huge opportunity lost for potential future student tenants. By building a pool of email addresses, they avoided this lost opportunity and gathered a large number of potential Student Roost tenants.

The concept that Student Roost approached us with was that the competition animation should be based around a theme. In this case, the competition was seen as something ‘out of this world’. So, we went with a flying theme, which also had relevance because of the holiday on offer as one of the prizes.

An element that needed to be considered for the competition animation was that (as if it needed pointing out) students spend a lot of time on Instagram and the GIFs created would need to go out on the Student Roost social channels daily throughout the competition. For us, this meant that we had to create a bank of GIFs at the beginning of the project and work with their Social Media Specialist to establish the style of each GIF.

20 day competition animation

The competition animation we created was visually striking, with pop art influences, as per Student Roosts wish for something energetic, bright, loud and colourful.

This competition was successful enough to act as a precursor to their next, the chance to win a year of free rent in Student Roost accommodation.

Student Roost were able to gather a new set of email addresses from the competition, as well as having positive impacts on their brand throughout the student bodies in their key accommodation areas.

Head of animation, Jamie, said about the project

"The competition animation was a unique case in that the branding was a huge part of it, but was still being finalised at the same time within the company. As it was for the launch of a competition campaign, the details of that were still being worked on too! This made for a lot of back and forth over how it should look and what content was going to be shown, which caused a fair amount of revisions. In the end, we decided that the best case was to work on the music first and create an animation timed to a beat. That way, we could update the visuals accordingly without needing to worry about re-animating too many times. The result was we managed to agree on a pretty bombastic, bold and almost comic book look with a beat! It's interesting looking back at this and seeing just how different it kept on being."

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