Safety Video

"Keeping Everything Safe"
Student Roost
Our Brief

Our objective was to put potential customers/tenants of Student Roost minds at ease due to the measures being put in place across the Student Roost Accommodation because of Covid 19. A safety video for UK students and Chinese students separately was identified as key to the recruitment campaigns.

"Keeping Everything Safe"

This time, we hit the road for Sheffield, in South Yorkshire to film at the superb Student Roost facilities.

In our safety video it was important to showcase all the steps being taken. These were; pre-bookable check ins, enhanced cleaning operations, 8-stage cleaning processes in all rooms, hand sanitising stations, covers for karaoke microphones, mats for distancing, cardboard cutouts to help distancing, signage through the facilities and safety screens.

We filmed clear, high quality footage interspersed with colourful graphics, music and simple messaging. Our aim was to ensure anyone watching with the sound on or off could take in all of the key messages and see the steps being taken.

Once again, we translated these videos in both English and Mandarin to help Student Roost resonate with their audience in their native language.

Student Roost’s brand and campaign manager Raman Sarpal said:

Stone’s Throw have provided us with a video which shows all the steps being taken to help keep students and our team members safe.”

Tom, our Head of Video said:

This safety video was a challenge to film during COVID 19, but we have many procedures and protocols in place ourselves to overcome this. It was pleasing to help Student Roost with these videos and to really help worried students and parents both here in the UK and overseas. It was also brilliant to see it get great coverage in the press. We were delighted with the outcome."

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