Video Interviews

It can be hard to showcase the nature of your business – whatever sector it is you’re in.

Your company may wish to come across in a certain way based on the personality of your employees, but how do you get that across to an external audience?

Luckily, help is at hand! Here at Stone’s Throw Media, we know that a particularly effective way to get across the nature of a business is through a series of video interviews.


With interviews, you can highlight aspects of your employees that would have previously been tough to do.

These aspects can include:

  • Employees backgrounds and experiences
  • Employees qualifications and skills
  • Employees personalities and character
  • Employees role within the company

Alongside this emphasis on your staff, video interviews can also put across:

  • What it is your company does
  • Why the sector your company in is important
  • How your company is a market leader in its field
  • Your company’s vision and/or strategy for the future

Not only that, but video interviews are also a cost effective way of creating regular content designed to help engage with your audience.

If you would like some video interviews of your own, we know we can help, so drop us a line today.


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Dr Tracey Devonport - University of Wolverhampton


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