Fly Through Video

Fly Through Video
Metal Assemblies Ltd
Our Brief

We joined forces with a sheet metal contractor for a fly through video showcasing its state-of-the-art facilities!

Established in 1955, Metal Assemblies Ltd is a manufacturer of stampings and assemblies for clients predominantly in the automotive industry - including internationally recognised names such as BMW, Land Rover, and Honda.

The firm does this by operating out of 75,000 square foot of manufacturing space and by employing over 130 skilled workers at its base in the West Midlands.

For this project we were approached by the team at Metal Assemblies - via the digital marketing agency Calloway Green - to see if we could create an engaging, uptempo video for them which would fully showcase the scale of the company’s operations, its use of modern equipment, and its fantastic facilities.

This video would be for the benefit of internal stakeholders and decision makers, as well as prospective clients and other interested external parties.

Our Video

To fulfil this brief, our video production team travelled to the company’s headquarters in West Bromwich armed with several cameras and our trusty drone!

At the location our team captured footage of every aspect of the company’s endeavours, as well as aerial shots of the site’s exterior.

Back at Stone’s Throw HQ, our team then complemented their footage with background music and the inclusion of short, sharp transitions to create the vibrant fast-paced fly through video you can watch above.

Our thanks to the team at Metal Assemblies Ltd for working with us on this video and their patience on the day of our filming!

For more about the company and its products, visit its website here.

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