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QuickPro Canvas Video
Our Brief

We joined forces with the marketing team at Adventa, who are a stationery and gifts supplier, for a product video to show off their new range of QuickPro Canvas’.

The aim of the video was to really show off some of the products USP’s, such as the lightness of the canvas, the ease of attaching them to the wall & the no damage left behind when you move the canvas. As well as give a visual guide to attaching the canvas to the wall.

Therefore, we decided that there was no better way to show off the advantages of the canvas than get hands on with it ourselves.

Our Video

Our video started, as all do, in the pre-production phase where we sourced the location for filming, decided upon the actors that you see in the video and developed the idea and shot lists. Once those details had been arranged it was time to move onto the filming.

We chose to shoot the video with a clean background and minimalist set. It was important that the focus be on the ease of putting the canvas’ up and not on anything that could take the viewers’ attention away from the main focus of what was happening on screen. The use of a child actor really helps to drive home how light and easy the canvas’ are to move around.

Once the filming was complete we chose an upbeat music track to play throughout and enlisted the help of our animation department to create a series of animated graphics to sit on top of the video.

Coming in at around 60 seconds long, you can watch the finished video above. Thanks to Adventa for getting in touch and giving us the opportunity to work on a fun project that isn’t quite your usual product video!

We caught up with our head of video production Tom who had this to say about the project:

Working with Adventa on this project to bring their newest product to life was a challenge, but one which we enjoyed! We set up a false living room, sourced the actors and worked out how to display the product on camera. We're really pleased with the results and it is one of our best product video projects to date."

Our customer, Sally, had this to say on working with Stone’s Throw Media:

The team at Stone’s Throw Media put us all at ease through the entire video process. They answered all our questions quickly and ensured the small details were addressed from the start. When it came to shooting and editing the footage, they fully captured what we were looking for and we were all thrilled with the result. We hope to work with this team again in the future.”

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