London Zoo Filming

There are many great things about working for Stone’s Throw*, but the one that really stands out is the variety associated with the job.
It’s the spice of life, as the saying goes, and we know exactly what the clever person who coined that phrase meant.
Through our filming duties, we’ve worked at…

  • Football grounds
  • Stately homes
  • Race tracks
  • Universities and colleges
  • Shopping centres

…and a plethora (great word) of other locations – whether we’ve been invited or not**.

One location we hadn’t filmed at, however, was a zoo…until now.

Our friends at the University of Wolverhampton got in touch with us regarding a video they wanted creating concerning a cause very close to their hearts.

Founded in 1978, the Ambika Paul Foundation is a charitable trust set up in memory of the late daughter of Lord Paul – the chancellor of the University since 1998.

The Foundation promotes the well-being of children around the world through education, culture and health, and since its formation has gone on to support a number of children’s charities in the UK as well as initiatives overseas.

One of the sites that the Foundation is proud to support is London Zoo.

So, with the brief of creating a video which would highlight the Foundation’s fantastic work ringing in our ears, we trekked down to our nation’s capital for a spot of filming to do just that.

Whilst we were down at the zoo however, we decided that it would be an idea to do a “behind the scenes” video just for a bit of fun.

So, here it is below. We hope you enjoy it.

London Zoo Filming Behind the Scenes

If you do, feel free to tell us on social media, via e-mail, or maybe even face to face.

If you don’t, keep your mouth shut. Bit rude.

*I was made to say that
**We have always been invited – please don’t phone the police

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