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Gold Award Animation
Redrow Homes
Our Brief

We marked a housebuilder’s award success with an animated promotional video showcasing how its triumph was great news for everyone!

For this project our client was Redrow - one of the largest housing constructors in the UK and (at the time of writing) a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

The team at Redrow were celebrating its “Gold” award in the 2018 NextGeneration Benchmark - an initiative which ranks the UK’s 25 largest homebuilders on their sustainability performance.

The Benchmark assesses homebuilders on a range of criteria including their commitment to responsible building and having a positive impact on the environment - with its 2018 report marking the third straight year Redrow had clinched its “Gold” rating.

We were approached by the team at Redrow to promote the company’s triumph and emphasise how it was a tangible benefit to its customers and society as a whole!

Our Video

We felt animation was the right way to go to hit our targets for this brief - hence the creation of the minute long animated effort you can watch above!

As mentioned, the main message of our video was to highlight how Redrow weren’t just shouting about its award for vanity reasons but because of its positive impact on society.

This is why we explain how Redrow’s efforts (such as making its homes from responsibly sourced timber and partnering with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust) are good for the customer’s pockets, their lifestyles, and the planet as a whole!

Our animation was equipped with motion graphics, on-screen text, a professional voice-over, and upbeat background music, and was designed to be an engaging effort for Redrow’s customers and other external stakeholders.

Our thanks to the team at Redrow for working with us on this project.

To find out more about its 2018 NextGeneration Benchmark success, visit its webpage dedicated to the report here.

One of our original concept art pieces for this project

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