What is the cheapest video I can make?

What is the cheapest video you can make? Well, some don’t have a huge budget, others may want to spend as little as they can. Though we wouldn’t recommend that, let’s talk about it.

The cheapest video you can make is on your phone. Cameras on phones are pretty good nowadays. Though they’re not the quality of £60,000 cameras, they’re pretty good.

You can also edit on your phone. There is editing software such as KineMaster, which will leave a small watermark on your production. If you’re using an iPhone, you can use iMovie, which is a free app, available from the App Store. Exporting the video from there will give you a final product for next to nothing! Quality may vary, dependent on the user, but using your phone has potential to make a decent video.

The next step up from that would be to still use your phone, but, given the time consuming nature of editing; paying someone to edit that footage. Whether it be someone you know, a freelancer, or a company like us, where we edit and film footage all the time, that would be another way of reducing the cost.

The next step would be to start buying some kit. This would include a camera, which could cost anywhere between £200 to £900 and beyond. Potentially, going down this route could be slightly cheaper, although it begs the question; why don’t you just pay someone to film it and edit it for you? A company like ours, or a freelancer, would have the kit available to them immediately and they would know what they are doing and be quicker with it.

Ultimately, the cheapest video you can make is next to nothing; using your phone and some editing software on the phone, or paying someone to edit that footage from your phone, or you can even buy a camera yourself, but as you get further and further up the ladder, it makes less and less sense to make it yourself. The reason for this is that it gets more technically detailed and, simply, it’d just be easier to pay someone to film and edit it for you.

We hope you found this blog about making the cheapest video you can useful, and if you have any questions about shooting your own footage, or need help with any editing, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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