How to upload LinkedIn videos on a web browser

So you’ve made a video (or had one made) and you want to share it with your connections on LinkedIn, which is a fantastic idea. But how do you upload LinkedIn videos on a web browser? It’s simple when you know how! Take a watch of the video below to find out more.

1) At the top of LinkedIn, you can see where it says “start a post”. On the right, it has an icon for images, and then next to that, it has a little video camera. You just click that and select the file that you want to share.

2) While it’s uploading, you can click edit. Here, it can ask you for an SRT file. This is a subtitle file or a thumbnail. A thumbnail is the image you see before you start playing the video, so if you want to add one of those, just click the blue text on the right. If you want to know more about why you should have subtitles click here. If you want to know more about why you should have a custom thumbnail click here.

3) When you click done, it will take you to the post itself. You can select who you want to post this as, so if you’ve got a page or profile, you can select it there. You can also select who’s going to see it, so if it’s anyone, anybody via your Twitter account, any groups that you’re in, or you can select who you want to see it.

4) You can also add a title here, just to give a little bit of clarity, and some hashtags, just so more people have a chance to see it. You can also add hashtags at the bottom as well, and it will also just throw some suggestions. Once you’ve done that, just click post, and it will upload the video.

5) It takes around a minute. The upload speed depends on two things: the size of the file and also your upload Internet speed, which is different from your download speed. Once the upload is complete, LinkedIn lets you know when the video is ready for viewing, so when you’ve uploaded the video, LinkedIn just needs to process the video to check that it’s appropriate for its website. Depending on the length of the video, this could take a couple of minutes or a couple of hours.

6) Once the video is live, you can play it and view it, comment, like and share it, but you can also delete it if. You can disable comments on the post. You can view who sees the post. You can copy the link here by clicking the three dots, and you can also delete the post. To delete it, click delete and then delete again, and then the post will go away. 

That’s how you upload a video to LinkedIn on a web browser – we hope that was useful. Why not head to our knowledge centre for more information and guidance, or reach out with any questions you may have. Or alternatively take a look at our YouTube channel for some more videos like the one above!

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