Video Production Company vs Video Production Freelancer

In this blog post we’re going through all of the benefits that you might gain when looking at hiring a professional video company versus a video production freelancer. 


So, the first big difference between a video production company and a freelancer is the fact that a video production company is more likely to have an in-house team. But where this is a real strength for a video production company is that they will have in-house film crew, in-house editing team and in-house animators, so you’re going to get all those years of experience to draw upon and more consistent results with your video productions. 


A video production company is more likely to be able to handle more than one shoot or animation at any one given time, whereas a freelancer, again, might just be that individual so they’re more likely to be snowed under if they’re just working on one or two projects.


You’re much more likely to be able to get hold of a video production company than you are with a freelancer. They’re more likely to have an office number, somebody in the team that can organise projects and get you from A to B, so that any time during the working week, you’ll be able to pick up a phone, get hold of them, find out where the projects are at or discuss new projects. 


There’s no right or wrong way to go about this and every organisation will be different. It’s totally viable to go with a freelancer if you’ve got some smaller projects, perhaps, or if you need somebody to fill the gaps here and there. It’s all about experimentation and what is right for your organisation. 


Where a video production company might be a little bit more beneficial is if you’re looking for those longer term relationships and you’re looking to really grow the organisation and look for bigger, better ideas that can be handled. So we hope that helps. Get in touch if you have an idea for a video that might require a professional video production company. If you can think of one… *cough cough*.

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