What Is a Personalised Video?

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all like to be made to feel special every now and again.

Of course, nobody knows this more than marketeers and salespeople – hence the deluge of “special offers just for YOU!” e-mails/letters/text messages we get thrown at us every week from all quarters.

Advances in technology over recent years however have led to a new medium being used for this personal approach – one which can make the recipient feel very special indeed.

Say hello to the world of personalised video!

So, what is a personalised video?

A personalised video is a video that features a scene (or maybe several scenes) where a bespoke piece of text (or sometimes even a photo!) appears which is directly related to the viewer – e.g. their name, company name, birthday, or list of interests.

In basic terms, it’s a video that contains personal details unique to the viewer which – when done well – can really appear to be made just for the person in question!

How can you use a personalised video?

As personalised videos have become more and more prevalent it’s been great fun for us here at Stone’s Throw to sit back and see how organisations across the globe have adapted to use them for an increasing range of purposes*.

We’ve seen personalised videos being used as…

1) ‘Thank you’ videos for those who have donated to a charitable cause
2) Invitations to guests for special events such as seminars or dinners
3) Follow ups to potential new clients after they’ve asked for a quote or placed an order
4) Drivers for the recruitment of students to higher education institutions

…and that’s just the start – we’ve even seen personalised elements included within animated explainer videos!

What are the benefits of using a personalised video?

This question can be answered in three words = “engagement and sales”.

As Matt explains in his video above, personalised videos are fantastic things to use to help you connect with your audience and drive up your engagement, retention, and click-through rates in the process – something which is particularly true when they’re used for large-scale campaigns.

Not only that, these types of videos hit people on the personal level they crave (remember our first few sentences?) in a way that other mediums don’t – making them one of the most powerful marketing tools available today and a sensational thing to use to drive an increase in sales.

Check out the personalised video we made for the University of Wolverhampton here.

Thanks for reading. Find out what Matt thinks about the power of a personalised video in his video above!

* We don’t get out much

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