What is a thumbnail?

So, why did you click on this blog or on the video above? Maybe it’s because we have a really engaging thumbnail. What’s the thumbnail you ask? Well hopefully this blog will tell you all about thumbnails and why a custom thumbnail could be really useful to you. 

A thumbnail is an image that is used on a video and can be uploaded onto different social media platforms. A thumbnail can give you an insight into what that video is going to be about. And hopefully will encourage you to click on that video. 
When you upload a video onto a social media platform, it will automatically generate a thumbnail. The thumbnail might be very unflattering to the person in the video and also might not really represent what the video is about. This is why we suggest using a custom thumbnail. 

Example of an automatically generated thumbnail

A custom thumbnail is one that we would create using either a still image that we took on location, or if not we can use a still image from the video itself. If your video is an animation, we can also do custom thumbnails and we can ensure that it’s in line with your branding. We would highly recommend using a custom thumbnail as it can really be attuned to your business. We can make it align with your branding, be it text, colours, any sort of images that you want, so that when someone goes onto your social media, they can see all of your videos in a nice and neat way that matches your business. 


Here are some good examples of custom thumbnails for inspiration!

Hopefully this blog and video has provided you with information about what a thumbnail is, and going forward you will think about using custom thumbnails to really engage your audiences. If you would like to read more about what makes a good custom thumbnail then we wrote this blog here! (because we’re nice like that)

If you have any further questions about thumbnails, or you want to add one to your previous video, any sort of future videos, get in touch with the team and I’m sure we can help you.

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