Will It Cost More To Make My Video Faster?


What, you want more of an answer than that? Ok fine. The truth is every video is different and every video company is different. We can only speak for what we do here at Stone’s Throw Media when we get asked, “Will it cost more to make my video faster?”

Back at the start of Stone’s Throw Media’s life, Matt and I (Mike) were a massive fan of this graphic.

Though the sign itself is very broad, it resonated with us because we have always sat in the “good service fast” camp (even better than that if you want my opinion). So we actually already strive to be very good and fast straight away – but not rushed. There’s a subtle difference! We can achieve this where our competitors or freelance friends may struggle because we have an in-house team. 

We certainly do not position ourselves in the “good service cheap” or the “fast service cheap” areas. For us to do our job properly then we know we have to take the right amount of time to create videos that achieve their objectives.

Before Stone’s Throw Media started, Matt and I had some mentoring from a director at the BBC. He was working on Countryfile. “I asked him, where do you even start with a show like that” and his reply has stuck with me ever since. He said “70% of it is before you press record”.

What I learnt that day was making sure we are prepared, that we have the right idea, that the team and customer is ready and making sure we are working towards a video that solves the problem for the customer is paramount. It sounds so simple but it is easy to get it wrong! So you can speed things up, but again, we mustn’t rush things. Pre-production, production and post-production all require time. 

Do video production companies have a fast track system?

Here at Stone’s Throw, we do have a fast track option, however, we don’t really have to resort to it very often. This is because one of the first things we like to ask is, “when is the deadline?”. More often than not we can produce something for a tight deadline but we may have to tweak the idea somewhat to make it happen. Or, it is because we work pretty quick on it anyway – we’re working out of a real base where we come in Monday to Friday as a team, so we’re not distracted at home by a Playstation and a cupboard full of biscuits. 

How much extra will it cost to get my video faster?

Ok, fine, you really do need it quicker. The only reason we will charge more is because it will require us to drop everything else for you temporarily and potentially work into the evening or weekends, which of course comes at a cost. This means we can bring the process forward, and put your project to the front of the production line. Pricing could range from £300 – £1000 typically, however, there will be instances that fall out of that either side. Very small projects may be less and very large projects may cost more. We are always upfront and provide itemised quotes before carrying out any work. 

Rest assured, if it is possible, we will always try our best to find a solution for our customers! In an absolute ideal world, plan ahead and give plenty of time so we never have to run into this problem. We are realists though and sometimes these things can’t be avoided, meaning we have to deliver your video faster.

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