Why the first 15 seconds of video is important

How many times have you moved on after watching the first 15 seconds of video because it wasn’t what you expected?

When producing a video, it’s important that you get the first 15 seconds right or you may risk losing customers. Let’s face it – people have short attention spans.

According to research, the majority of video watchers are lost within the first 10-15 seconds, so what can you do to keep them watching?

Uploading your video

For the first 15 seconds to actually be watched your video actually needs to be found – who’d have thunk it! Stick to these simple tips and you’ll be more searchable on YouTube…

  • Choose a clear and concise video name
  • Select a relevant thumbnail from the video stills which portrays your product perfectly
  • Write Search Engine Optimised content for the title and description, as people may find your video by searching loose terms
  • Loosely touch on some of the questions you’ll be covering in the video. Remember: more people are now searching exact questions

YouTube video statistics

Grab the opportunity

The first 15 seconds of video is your opportunity to grab the viewer’s attention and ensure that you can keep them hooked. You should clearly explain the topic or product (without waffling) and make sure you get straight to the point.

Remember: you need to give them a reason to continue watching. Ask yourself the question – what would you want to instantly see in a video? For example, if you’re selling a product you need to describe its benefits to the potential customer. And if it’s a documentary, you should be summarising.

After all, the first 15 seconds should lay out what questions will be covered, which should be enough for the viewer to continue watching. If of course you are answering a big enough question!

Beyond the first 15 seconds of video

Of course, you don’t want people just watching the first 15 seconds as your call to action will often be at the end.

If you’ve managed to hold a viewer past 15 seconds then you’ll want to tease them with what’s going to happen in the remainder of the video. Simple phrases like “we’ll touch on this later” or “stay tuned” can result in higher viewer retention rates and could ultimately be the key.

Hopefully these simple tips have helped! Remember, we’re always on hand if you’re in need of a professional video production company.

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