Great Higher Education Videos

When we think of sectors made up of organisations which can utilise video productions and animated video productions brilliantly, our minds tend to gravitate towards one in particular – that of the Higher Education sector.

In recent years, HE providers such as colleges and universities have really cottoned on to the positive impact video productions can have across all areas of their organisations, which is why there’s now a plethora of fantastic higher education videos out there for viewers to enjoy and be inspired by.

In this blog post, we want to highlight six of these efforts in particular, and explain the tangible reasons why we think they’re great. It’s not just because they look nice…

London School of Economics and Political Science

There are many, many aspects of its day-to-day activity higher education providers can promote using video.

An obvious example of this is the institution’s campus itself – the beating heart of any college or university.

How can a campus be shown off in an engaging way? Well, this fantastic effort from the London School of Economics (LSE) might just give you some inspiration.

Vibrant, engaging, informative – this effort is all of these things and more, which is why we love it.

The final 15 seconds or so are pretty cool too!

Could your organisation show off its HQ in a vibrant video like this one?

University of Michigan

What if we told you that a fantastic video could be created based around a single, solitary letter?

Made by graduating University of Michigan students for the incoming “Class of 2016”, this video is so well done we’re actually disappointed we didn’t make it ourselves.

A large part of what makes this great is its perfect alignment, but ultimately it’s a really clever way to showcase pride in your alma mater.

Could you create a video for your organisation based around a single letter?

University of South Wales

One of the big challenges that every higher education provider faces is how to promote one of its courses to an external audience as effectively as possible.

How to tackle this challenge? Well, why not with an engaging video, like this effort from the University of South Wales?

With impressive transitions, enthusiastic comments from students, and beautiful shots of the facilities on offer to the students taking on its BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course, we think this one is a fantastic effort by the University at increasing interest amongst prospective students about the course and its benefits.

Could your organisation promote an aspect of its services with a video production like this one?

Open Study College

Think higher education videos can’t be animated? Well, we reckon this fantastic effort from the Open Study College might make you think again!

Visually, this effort has a diverse colour palette and unique character designs, as well as having a constantly busy and engaging animation.

What we’re more interested in however is this one’s results, and they speak for themselves – according to its creators this animation racked up 50K likes on social media and helped to increase applications for the college making 2017 (the year of its release) its best year to date for new enrolments.

Could your organisation use an engaging animation to generate record-breaking results?

University of Bristol

This effort from the University of Bristol is another one that is so good we’re a bit jealous we didn’t make it ourselves.

What we particularly like about it is how it doesn’t try and do too much – it’s gorgeous shots of both the university and the city itself, one-word thoughts from students, and captivating background music.

Combined together, these aspects form a thoroughly effective promotional video for a university.

Could your organisation create a promotional video using these three aspects?

Imperial College London

Our final effort was created by Imperial College London to drive its #HerImperial campaign – a scheme designed to show the institution’s commitment to supporting the participation of women in STEM related careers.

Fantastic footage plus a perfect song choice makes this one a winner in our eyes!

Could your organisation publicise one of its campaigns with an emotive video?


So, there’s six examples of great higher education videos, but we know there’s loads more out there!

Do you have a particular favourite – either out of the ones listed above or seen elsewhere? If so, why not drop us a line on our social media channels (the buttons are below!) and let us know?

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