Professional & Bespoke Music

Why should you use professional and tailor made music for your videos?

Here at Stone’s Throw Media, we always want the videos we create for our clients to be the best they can be – in all areas.

It can be overlooked, but we believe that one of the most important aspects to creating a fantastic video is the inclusion of professional and bespoke music and sound effects.

Why do we think this? Let us explain!

By not using generic stock media, you will have something that’s completely your own.

Having professional music and sound effects tailor made for your video means that not only will they never be heard elsewhere, they’ll be able to fit the mood of your video like a glove, and provide a perfect accompaniment to whatever message it is your video is getting across.

There are no limits on style, genre, or complexity, either.

Tracks can range from simple jingles to fully orchestrated soundtracks, utilising a wide range of instruments and sounds in the process.

At Stone’s Throw Media, we love creating professional, bespoke music and sound effects to include in our videos.

All of our accompaniments are made in-house, and are carefully recorded and edited to the highest standard to aid the video and fit each on-screen cue.

Here are some examples of personalised sounds effects and music we have created for our videos.

This track was created for the Next Generation Frames project featuring Jeff Stelling. The video put Jeff in a 3D environment where he showed off the product.

This track was made for an animation for the KEEN project, aimed at students at universities across the West Midlands. Find out more about the project here.

And these are the personalised sound effects for the same project!

In conclusion…Using professional, tailor made music for your videos is an investment – but a thoroughly worthwhile one.

The quality of your video will be increased, and it will show your client – and prospective clients – that you care about the product you’re offering and your attention to detail. Now that all sounds pretty good to us!

Contact us today to see how professional and bespoke music and sound effects can help your business.

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