Why You Should Put Videos on LinkedIn

It’s one thing having a presence on LinkedIn, it’s another thing entirely for your company to have a really prominent and effective presence on there.

Optimising your business page will improve your company’s presence and authority on the site which can only lead to good things.

There are lots of ways you can optimise your company’s LinkedIn page, but you already know which one we’re going to talk about now – videos, of course!

So, why should you put videos on LinkedIn?

Firstly, some numbers:


1) Video posts on LinkedIn are 5x more likely to receive comments than other post types (and 3x the engagement!)

2) In one year video posts generated more than 300m impressions on the platform

3) Brands that use video marketing across their social media channels grow their revenue 49% faster than companies that don’t


As LinkedIn as a whole has grown, so too has its capabilities to accommodate video – a fact demonstrated by its global launch of “native video” in 2017 for easy video posting access.

So if putting videos on LinkedIn is easier than ever before, and it leads to tangible results….well, why wouldn’t you do it?!

What videos can a company put on LinkedIn?

Here’s a few ideas off the top of our heads:


1) ‘Behind the Scenes’ looks at your company’s production process, offices, or team

2) Answers to any questions your company frequently gets asked

3) Announcements about any new products/services

4) Promotions for any upcoming events

5) Testimonials from satisfied clients


We’re sure you can think of some more examples as well.

In short, anything that’s relevant/helpful/ informative/entertaining (or a combination of all four of these aspects!) is perfect.

Just remember that LinkedIn is a platform for business professionals, so whilst entertaining videos are fine, maybe the ones of Karen from accounts on holiday in Ibiza aren’t.

In conclusion, we believe that over the next five years or so, LinkedIn will become the most effective social media platform for businesses, and that video will play a huge part in that effectiveness.

So, get uploading!

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