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A cartoon animation can be a fantastic way to get across your company’s product, service, or general ethos in a light-hearted and entertaining manner. Not only that, cartoon animations can really make your business stand out from the crowd and bring other positive benefits such as boosting audience engagement and website retention rates.


Good question! Filmed videos are absolutely fantastic (heck we make a lot of them ourselves!) but sometimes animations just work better. If your company is software based for example, or perhaps offers something that you cannot easily see, then you might need a large video production budget to make something interesting if you’re going down the route of filming. Or, you may default to creating a talking head video to keep budgets under control. This is fine and they certainly have their place, but if you’re making an important piece like explaining your entire business to potential customers then it deserves some TLC!


“It looks good but it doesn’t fit our brand”. If we got a penny for the amount of times people get scared about doing something different, we might have enough to buy a medium Latte from Costa Coffee! People buy from people and people love to hear stories – cartoon animation gives us the opportunity to tell stories without the limitations of filming. Taking the bravery pill can pay dividends! We only recommend services we feel will genuinely work and will tell you if we feel something else will be better, so you’re in safe hands!


The University of Wolverhampton carries out valuable research and promoting it to the wider world is often a very good idea! Our animation explains the systematic reviews her and her colleagues have conducted into this area, why their findings are important for both individuals and society as a whole, and how people can tackle the issues that emotional eating can present. It is also handy in getting around filming people where it could be a sensitive topic around health and weight.


This cartoon animation was created for the University of Wolverhampton and covers the topic of Public Health. The goal was to show the kinds of careers you can have by studying in this area – filming case studies was an option but cartoon animation gave us more flexibility to create a more engaging video.

  Truly great team to work with! Have been working with STM for over 4 years with excellent results for both animations & infographic videos as well as conference & event highlight features. The service has always been exceptional, communications easy and straightforward and quality to the highest standards!  
Madalina Marincas - Opening Doors & Venues
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