Meet the Team (Sarah)

Welcome to the sixth instalment of our ‘Meet the Team’ blog posts – a series where we reveal a little bit more about our video production team.

This time around we’re meeting our Video Vending Machine, Sarah!
1) Favourite TV programme?

“Game of Thrones”

2) What job did you want to do when you were younger?

“I wanted to be so many different jobs when I was younger! A chef, zookeeper, dentist…I just couldn’t decide. I never really decided what I wanted to do until I chose which University I went to!”

3) Dream holiday destination?


4) Who would win in the fight and why – a duck sized lion or 50 lion sized ducks?

“It’s got to be 50 lion sized ducks, they would surround the duck sized lion and take it down from the ground”

5) Favourite film?

“You know I hate this question! I guess if I had to choose my favourite film it would probably be ‘Trainspotting’

6) If you were to host a dinner party, which 5 people from history would you invite?

“Peter Kay, Jake Gyllenhaal, Thierry Henry, David Tennant and Jessie Ware”

7) Favourite animal?

“Definitely a dog”

8) Favourite food?


9) What’s the BEST thing about working for STM?

“I like how it isn’t the same every day – sometimes you’re in the office and then the next day you could be filming in grand valleys”

10) Tell us a (clean) joke

““What do you call birds that stick together?”


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