Meet The Team (Tom)

Welcome to the third instalment of our ‘Meet the Team’ blog posts – a series where we reveal a little bit more about our video production team.

This time around we’re meeting our Video Guru, Tom!
1) Favourite TV programme?

“One Foot in the Grave”

2) What job did you want to do when you were younger?


3) Dream holiday destination?

“Bilston Market”

4) Who would win in the fight and why – a duck sized lion or 50 lion sized ducks?

“50 lion sized ducks, power in numbers?”

Thomas Williams

5) Favourite film?

The Naked Gun

6) If you were to host a dinner party, which 5 people from history would you invite?

“I am not very good at history, I didn’t pay attention in those classes”

7) Favourite animal?

“Cat – Feed it, stroke it. Very low maintenance”

8) Favourite food?


9) What’s the BEST thing about working for STM?

“Making media”

10) Tell us a (clean) joke

“My dream job is to be a sound engineer. I don’t know why, I just want to – want to”

Want to know even more about our video production team? If so, head on over to our About Us page! 


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