STM Story (Our First Project)

Welcome to the very first blog post in our new ‘STM Stories’ series – a plethora (great word) of insights designed to give you a little glimpse “behind the curtain” into life here at Stone’s Throw Media!

We all have a story or two to tell, which is why in this series we want to share some of our yarns with you in the hope that they will allow you to get to know us just that little bit better.

Yes we know it’s very exciting!

For this initial post in the series, we thought it would make sense to go right back to the start and tell you a little more about the company’s very first project!


To say Stone’s Throw Media sprung up from humble beginnings would perhaps be an understatement!

When our co-founders Matt and Mike embarked on their very first project, they had…


  • No equipment
  • No commissioned experience 
  • No employees
  • No money
  • No clue (I’m joking guys!)

…but, more importantly, what they DID have was a deadline to hit for an expectant client.

When you then factor in that the guys were still students at the University of Wolverhampton AND had summer jobs…well, it was looking like the STM dream was going to be over before it had even begun.

What the guys lacked in, well, everything, however, they made up for with a positive attitude, a bit of nous, and some very supportive people around them.

Almost a decade on, it’s fair to say that a few things in the business have changed quite considerably since those days, but the willingness to work hard, take risks, and do the best job possible for our clients has not.

So that’s a little teaser about the company’s very first project.

To find out more about it – and to discover why Matt calls that period of time “the summer of dreams” – please do sit back, relax, and spend two minutes watching the fantastic video above which  our superstar animator Gurpreet made for this STM Story!

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