Animated Corporate Video

Animated Corporate Video
Minerva Lending
Our Brief

We were approached by a financial institution based in our nation’s capital for an animated corporate video regarding its offerings and benefits!

Located on London’s famous Regent Street, Minerva Lending is a public limited company that offers listed bonds to companies – primarily for property acquisition – which are asset backed and listed on a stock exchange.

These listed bonds form an alternative to loans from banks or lending institutions, pay a rate of return higher than that offered elsewhere, and are subject to high regulatory EU main market prospectus rules designed to protect investors.

When the team at Minerva decided that they needed assistance to promote the company and its listed bonds, they turned to us for help – and we were only happy to oblige!

Our Video

Minerva asked us if we could create a video for the business regarding its bonds and why they are the right choice for property companies needing a regular supply of short-term finance.

To tackle this brief, we created a two minute animated corporate video packed with information about the company, its bonds, and their benefits.

As you can see in our effort above, our animation team created a video combining the use of motion graphics, a technique called compositing using green screen technology, a professional voice-over artist, and a jaunty piece of background music.

Our animation was designed to be both informative and eye-catching, and, if we may say so ourselves, we think it is very much both of those things!


Our animation was greeted with a positive reaction by our client too, with Emma Weir, part of the marketing team at Minerva, describing it as being “very valuable” for the company.


Alongside our main animation for this project we also created two shorter versions idea for the company’s social media channels – one 30 seconds long, the other 15 seconds long.

You can see both of these shorter versions below.

For more on Minerva and what it can offer, visit its website.

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Like our animated corporate video, and think your organisation could do with one of its own?

If so, we are absolutely certain that we can help!

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