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City of Wolverhampton Council
Our Brief

We collaborated with our local council (and two other organisations) for a series of animations all about online behaviour!

Based in the heart of the city’s centre, the City of Wolverhampton Council is the local governmental body for Wolverhampton – one of the largest cities in the West Midlands region.

In collaboration with the organisations HeadStart Wolverhampton and Wolverhampton Learning Technologies, the Council recently launched an initiative regarding the “online health” of the young people in the area.

The initiative, titled “Being the Best Version of Yourself Online”, is designed to encourage school children to think about their behaviour and actions online, and is made up of three aspects:

A Digital "5 a Day" Diet

Online Peer Pressure

Online Respect & Self-Respect

To help promote the initiative, we were approached by the Council to see if we could create some animations for them on these topics!

Our Video

To fulfil this brief, our animation team created the three short animated efforts which you can watch above and below.

Narrated by students from primary schools in the Wolverhampton area, our animations tackle each aspect listed above in turn - taking care to advise the intended target audience about best practices online for each e.g. always showing respect to others or using digital technologies to help with being physically active.

Utilising these best practices will ensure a positive impact for both a young person and those around them, and can lead to increased mindfulness about how much time we spend online.

The style of our animations for this brief was inspired by a fantastic video entitled “Tea and Consent” from Blue Seat Studios, which - if you haven’t already - you can watch right here!

Our thanks go to the City of Wolverhampton Council, HeadStart Wolverhampton, and Wolverhampton Learning Technologies for working with us on this project, whilst very special thanks must go to…

Leah from Long Knowle Primary

Oliver from Holy Trinity Catholic Primary

Millie from Bushbury Hill Primary

…for their outstanding narrations!

Like our series of animations, and think some of your own would be just the thing to promote an initiative your organisation is running?

If so, please do drop us a line!

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