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ETC Market Story Report
European Travel Commission
Our Brief

The European Travel Commission (ETC) were looking for a travel animation to introduce phase 2 of their ETC Market Story report, which is centred around tourism recovery, due to be published at the end of the year.

That's where we came in: our job was to create a two-and-a-half minute video that would visually engage and excite viewers about tourism recovery and the future for European travel!

ETC Market Story Report

Travelling is great…

Thinking about where you want to go next, getting to explore a new place, or reunite with an old one, is fun and exciting, which is exactly how we wanted this animation to appear.

However, it was also crucial to demonstrate how significantly the tourism industry has recovered from some of the potential challenges it was faced with. It is essential to bring some of the previous problems to light in order to demonstrate the successes, especially issues since the removal of Covid restrictions, with certain forms and testing procedures to be taken, which is too much hassle for some and may put them off travel.

This travel animation also shows the recognition of weather and the climate affecting travel, as well as the cost of living and the current war. But in another light, discusses cultural differences that act as a force driving people into Europe.

There is a balance within this animation of both positive and negative factors to make an engaging, informative and exciting travel animation! What more could you ask for?

The European Travel Commission wanted their travel animation to be a little different from what most people picture when they think of Europe.

Wanting to stay away from the traditional image of Europe, such as Paris and Italy, meant that the team had to experiment with a few different places before finding the perfect ones to use!

The aim was to show parts of Europe, such as the Netherlands and mountains over images of the Eiffel tower or pasta!

We kept in constant communication throughout the writing of the script to really nail down what the European Travel Commission wanted to say with this animation.

After the script was finished, we made a visual storyboard to really get the graphics nailed down. Again, this took quite a long time because we really wanted to make sure we got there!

European Travel Commission Storyboard Image

Jamie, who worked on this travel animation, said:

Working on a cool project and with an organisation overseas added some excitement as it means our name is reaching internationally! There was a high respect for this travel animation as its subject matter was very important for the travel industry and getting the visuals right was the biggest challenge this one undertook.”

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