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Khaos Control
Our Brief

For many companies, keeping on top of everything can feel like constantly fighting a losing battle – and when something does get missed, there’s a good chance it will be something important.

Tackling this problem are Keystone Software, the company who have created the innovative “Khaos Control”.

“Khaos Control” is a multi-channelled piece of management software, designed primarily for growing businesses operating within the mail order and retail industries.

The software enables firms to keep on top of various facets of their business, such as their finances, their stock levels, their orders, their shipping – anything crucial to how the company operates, in fact!

With “Khaos Control” boasting partners such as eBay, Amazon, and SAGE Pay, it’s clear it’s a terrific and efficient piece of software, which is why we were delighted when they approached us asking if we could create a video for them.

Our Video

For this project we created a corporate animation – a video which used animated figures to highlight the sophisticated nature of the software in a visually appealing and interesting way, whilst also stressing that the software is an investment (rather than a cost) in the long-term.

Our corporate animation aimed to highlight how fighting that losing battle just won’t cut it in the long run. The quicker a firm puts “Khaos Control” into place the better!

To do all this in less than three minutes was a challenge, and there was a lot of animation to do for this project.

When it was combined with the bespoke music and professional voiceover, however, we were really pleased with how our approach paid off.

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